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Naming a fountain

Posted in Architecture, Geography, Humour, In the news by uninformedcomment on December 19, 2009

As usual, it was L who reminded me.  We were talking about fountains, and she showed me this one:

Dubai Fountain

It’s in Dubai, that recently-troubled country where excess is the norm, and it’s pretty damned spectacular.  I could write reams on how massive it is, how expensive it is and so on, but I’d be duplicating the Wikipedia entry.  Instead, here’s a funny story about its name.  A true one, too.

Last year, while the fountain was still on the drawing board, the question of what to call it came up.  A competition was opened with a prize of over US$27,000 for the best name, open to Dubai residents.

The competition proved popular, and over 4,000 entries were received from 100 nationalities.  The builder was quoted as saying:

What we were looking for was a name for the fountain that is simple,
has instant brand recall, and above all celebrates the global standing
of Dubai as a multicultural destination, and home to over 180
nationalities.  On September 15th, a distinguished panel met and
selected the winning name, which echoes the rising global prominence
of Dubai, and will be a fitting tribute to the city.

Quite a lot to expect from a name, but with 4,000 people helping out, surely something special would emerge?

Not really.  The winning entry was “Dubai Fountain”.

Here’s the fountain in action, by the way:


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