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Verry well

Posted in Food, Grammar & usage by uninformedcomment on May 5, 2009

Recently, I hauled an old copy of a Jack Kerouac novel,  Lonesome Traveler, down from the bookshelves in a second (and ultimately failed) attempt to read it.   Enough of that, because what was most interesting about the book was the makeshift bookmark I’d left in it the last time I’d attempted (and failed) to read it.

I’d been sitting at a table outside a bar in Side, Turkey, in about 1985, when I’d first cracked open the book, and used a card left on the table by a local restaurant to mark my place when I put it down, 36 pages later.

Some 24 years later, I was delighted to read the card again, and here it is for you to enjoy too.


My own Turkish, of course, is virtually non-existent, and I’m not daft enough to expect perfect English wherever I travel.  Nonetheless, the thought of roastet Lambley makes my stomach not just rumble but actually laugh.


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  1. Paul Madarasz said, on December 20, 2009 at 10:52 pm

    A shame you blocked out the phone number; I was going to call to see if they deliver.

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