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Bull in a shop

Posted in Grammar & usage, Humour, In the news by uninformedcomment on April 30, 2009
Bull in a shop in Ireland

Bull in a shop in Ireland

Got to love this recent Guardian article (with CCTV footage) about a bull in Ireland which escaped and ran around a supermarket for a bit.

Not only is it a fun event, well worth watching the 1m 42s video for, it’s got a really stupid¹ comment by the shop’s owner:

“It is a good news story but it could have been a bad news story, a pregnant woman could have been hurt, a child could have been hurt, anyone in the store.”

Yes, if a woman had been in the shop, and if she’d been pregnant, and if the bull hit her, then she could have been hurt.  What a relief that not only did the bull not hit her, also she wasn’t pregnant, and wasn’t in the store, and didn’t even exist in the first place.  A close call indeed.

1. Maybe it’s a bit unfair to call it a “stupid comment” – I’d certainly not be at my best under the circumstances either.


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